Back in the Day VIDEO

Directed and Edited by Rahoul Mitsa, here is the New VIDEO for “Back in the Day”, taken from the BNAPTH ep. A special thanks to Keri & Rahoul for their artistic visions and contributions to these visuals. The video features chops of local Toronto graffiti spliced with NewYork O.G./Zulu/blockparty/hiphop jams with a 2013 digital spin. more

BNAPTH – CD/Digital Out Now

Today, happy to be sharing BNAPTH, a loaded HipHop/Jazz affair on iTunes & Limited Coloured CD Floppy Edition via Toronto indie label 5&1/4 Records. The FREE Single “Little Machinery” is yours to grab and make sure you check out the class act Video for “DumDum” by Primitive Replica.



10+ yrs of collecting vintage 5&1/4 floppies leads one to find a coloured floppy; reds, yellow, greens, usually network, boot, or admin disks. They are rare, but they exist. 5&1/4 Records presents 50 Lmtd. Ed. Coloured Floppies w/ custom stickers as encasing for BNAPTH CDs, available exclusively from


“DumDum” Video by Primitive REPLICA

The first offering off the upcoming BNAPTH ep, a video for the first single, “DumDum“, directed and edited by Toronto film team: Primitive Replica. Shot in Toronto, the visuals explore consumerism in North America and dance along to the upbeat jazz rhythm and hip hop percussion. BNAPTH ep Oct.1st.


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